What are IDNs and what does it mean?

What are IDNs and what does it mean?

If you have been on NITPAA facebook group chances are that you might have heard of IDNs and read about it. But if you don't already know what an IDN is and what is it used for then the links below will provide you all the training material that will give you a good introduction to the topic.

On April 09, 2015 ICANN had a webinar on the topic which you can listen to at this link.

The agenda of this webinar is below: 

  • What are Internationalized Domain Names?
  • Introduction to Mr. Sarmad Hussain, IDN Program Senior Manager at ICANN
  • What does it mean to you?
  • IDN Work at ICANN 
  • Sharing by APRALO representative: Edmon Chung•IDN from the Label Generation Ruleset (LGR) panel perspective (TBC)
  • Why and how you can be involved 
  • Q&A

Presentations in PDF made by Dr. Sarmad Hussain and Edmund Chung.


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