PHP/MySQL: Novice to Expert Programming

PHP/MySQL: Novice to Expert Programming

PHP/MySQL: Novice to Expert Programming

The “PHP/MySQL: Novice to Expert Programming” Course series Completed successfully

NITPAA 120 “PHP/MySQL: Novice to Expert Programming” course series, the very first capacity-building program of 2019, started from 1st February and completed successfully on Friday 15th of March.

The program was organized by NITPAA volunteers with an aim to share the knowledge with the community to boost the required skill set with the help of a practical training curriculum.

During the certification distribution ceremony, NITPAA President, Mr. Shamsullah Shams, while sharing his plans to the NITPAA members, said, “There are a lot of other opportunities coming forward; we have the plan to organize other similar series for you”. Addressing to the female participants, he said that in the pursue of the women empowerment and bridging the gender gap, NITPAA has the plan to form a platform for women’s in the shape of a working group with the sole aim of advancing women in technology. He said, “We can meet this vision through a variety of leadership development, technology education, networking and mentoring opportunities for women at all levels of their careers”.

Mr. Shams said that the leadership of the association really appreciate the volunteerism efforts of Mr. Rahmani and Mr. Danyar, the trainers of the course.

The program was organized such, where 30 participants, out of 180 applicants, were selected to attend the class, out of which eight were female participants. Two NITPAA executive management members, who have expertise in the field, volunteered to instruct the class.

While briefing the new members about the NITPAA and its goals, Mr. A Khalil Azizi, the board of trustee member of NITPAA said, “NITPAA is your own organization, you have joined it and now it is your responsibility to take it forward and the leadership is here to provide any level of support to your activities”. Addressing to the participants, Mr. Azizi said that Organizations like NITPAA could really help you boost your skills and make your network stronger.

At the end of the event, the new members were welcomed to the NITPAA community and Mr. Shamsullah Shams, President of NITPAA, Mr. Khalil Azizi board of trustee member of the association, and Waleed Khaliqi former president and an executive management member of the association handed over the certificates of completion to the participants.

NITPAA Moderator