NITPAA Organized the First Two-day Afghanistan School on Internet Governance

NITPAA Organized the First Two-day Afghanistan School on Internet Governance

NITPAA Organized the First Two-day Afghanistan School on Internet Governance

On Wednesday April 26, 2017, Afghanistan had its first two-day long school on Internet Governance. Afghanistan School on Internet Governance (AfSIG) is a new initiative by a group of volunteers at NITPAA, who worked tirelessly for months to put up an event that comprised of speakers from multiple organizations and multiple stakeholders across the country. The school also had five international speakers who presented remotely via the internet.

The participant’s registration process was established on the event website at, through which 164 applications were received of which only 22 were females i.e. only 13.4%. 40 applicants (29 male, 11 female) were selected after a thorough selection process where besides applicant’s responses to the questions other diversity factors were also considered such as gender, stakeholder group, previous involvement at similar activities etc.

The event was hosted at Karwan University, one of the private universities in Kabul, providing academic environment to the participants which was greatly appreciated by all.

The event received financial support from two local private companies namely Liwal Soft and Wasel Telecom. ICANN’s Middle East team also generously offered financial support to the event.

IO-Global, an Internet Service Provider, setup broadband internet service at the venue. The internet facility was critical for remote presentations and as well as for the participants’ internet use during the two days.

Mitra TV, a private TV channel, broadcasted the first three hours of the first day of the event live on their channel.

The event was an outcome of 10 NITPAA community members attending other regional and national schools such as MEAC-SIG, InSIG and PkSIG. They were all inspired by the schools they participated at and wanted to repeat the same in their country. After the successful completion of the school, the event organizers are hopeful in repeating the same school next year where more Internet Leaders will be trained and a general awareness about the internet governance issues will be attempted again.

Ahmad Waleed Khaliqi

Mr. Khaliqi is expecting his bachelor's degree in Computer Science in mid-2017 from a leading private university in Kabul. He is certified in MCITP and has academic qualifications in CCNA, CCNP and CCIP. He has Diploma in Information Technology (DIT), Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) and Diploma in Accounting (DIA). While doing his degree courses, He is also a full time employee of Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture as an IT officer and has several years of professional experience with his current employer Bakhtar News Agency as senior IT officer and web Administrator. He writes articles for media and has great skills in online/offline journalism and blogging. Mr. Ahmad Waleed represented NITPAA and Afghanistan at India School of Internet Governance and ICANN 57 in Oct-Nov 2016 in India. Mr. Ahmad Waleed joined NITPAA back in 2015 as a regular member but, in a short period of time he was able to make it to NITPAA executive board. His passion for ICT, and commitment, dedication and immense achievements in executive board were visible to all and soon he was appointed as chair of NITPAA Public Awareness Committee by NITPAA leadership. In an early election by NITPAA main and executive boards’ members Mr. Khaliqi was elected as president of NITPAA for the year 2017.