NITPAA 120 – PHP/MySQL: Novice to Expert Programming Course series started from 1st Feb

NITPAA 120 – PHP/MySQL: Novice to Expert Programming Course series started from 1st Feb

National IT Professionals Association of Afghanistan (NITPAA) started its 2019 capacity building programs with PHP/MySQL series. Mr. M.Zalmai Rahmani and Mr. Parwiz Danyar, who are professional trainers and experts of the field, will carry out the series.
During the application period from January 22nd to 29th, we received more than 180 applications. In the selection phase, 25 individuals were selected to participate in the training sessions, of which 8 are female applicants.

The series started on February 1 and will continue for more than a month on Weekends. During this period, the participants will go through core application development with the help of a practical training curriculum, which will help them boost their skills to the next level.

At the end of the first session Mr. Shamsullah Shams the President and Mr. Khaksar Weqar the Vice President of the association, respectively, quoted that; “Unfortunately due to the practical design of the course syllabus, no more than 25 participants are able to attend the sessions, but we for sure, will be sharing the training material with all our members through our Facebook forums and website”.

By the end of the sessions the participants:
• Will have a strong working knowledge of PHP, MySQL, and other related technologies.
• Will gain hands-on experience on several projects and build modular web applications.
• Will use object-oriented programming techniques, and learn how to secure a PHP site.
• Will participate individually in various Code Sprints and will be exposed to building various working projects.

Our trainers are experts, who have professional experience in working on real-world scenarios and are currently working on several advanced projects with national and international organizations.
As part of our partnership strategic plans, the series is taking place at Aghaez Professional Services HQ.

At the end of the series, the certificate of completion will be awarded to the participants, whom at least will complete 80% percent of the course.

Ahmad Waleed Khaliqi

Mr. Khaliqi is expecting his bachelor's degree in Computer Science in mid-2017 from a leading private university in Kabul. He is certified in MCITP and has academic qualifications in CCNA, CCNP and CCIP. He has Diploma in Information Technology (DIT), Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) and Diploma in Accounting (DIA). While doing his degree courses, He is also a full time employee of Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture as an IT officer and has several years of professional experience with his current employer Bakhtar News Agency as senior IT officer and web Administrator. He writes articles for media and has great skills in online/offline journalism and blogging. Mr. Ahmad Waleed represented NITPAA and Afghanistan at India School of Internet Governance and ICANN 57 in Oct-Nov 2016 in India. Mr. Ahmad Waleed joined NITPAA back in 2015 as a regular member but, in a short period of time he was able to make it to NITPAA executive board. His passion for ICT, and commitment, dedication and immense achievements in executive board were visible to all and soon he was appointed as chair of NITPAA Public Awareness Committee by NITPAA leadership. In an early election by NITPAA main and executive boards’ members Mr. Khaliqi was elected as president of NITPAA for the year 2017.