First APNIC Training on Internet Fundamentals

First APNIC Training on Internet Fundamentals

First APNIC Training on Internet Fundamentals

On thursday April 14, NITPAA hosted the first ever capacity development event by Asia Pacific network Information Centre (APNIC) in Afghanistan. The tutorial was on the fundamental technical networking aspects of the internet and was taught by Sheryl Hermoso live from Brisbane, Australia. The event was held at IO Global, a local ISP, which generously offered fantastic facilities on site. A beautiful and quiet conference room with projector, screen, sound system and a laptop. High speed wifi and refreshments for all participants.

The remote live feed went smooth where participants were able to see the slides, the instructor and asked question through the chat. A moderator, Said Zazai, was feeding questions to the instructor.



APNIC is the Regional Internet address Registry (RIR) for the Asia Pacific region. The other region RIRs are AFriNIC (Africa), LACNIC (Latin America and Caribbean), ARIN (North America) and RIPE NCC (Europe). Afghanistan falls under the ANPIC and there are a number of individual and businesses being members of APNIC. As a capacity development this was the first APNIC engagement in Afghanistan, which was proudly supported by NITPAA. It was joint cooperation of three organizations that made global experts available at local community level free of cost.

The session started with APNIC's Director General Paul Wilson's remarks. Paul mentioned that out of 5200 network operators throughout the Asia Pacific region only 38 members are from Afghanistan and only 14 out of them have IPv6 allocations. He emphasized on further engagement and working together for better internet for all. Paul also mentioned conferences and the fellowship program which Afghan participants can take advantage of. He also highlighted that this remote engagement could possibly lead to face to face meetings in Afghanistan.


The Participants thoroughly enjoyed the training and made suggestions for more similar trainings. The participants were from telecom industry, Internet Service Providers, University students, government ministry employees and other private sector organizations. There were 4 female participants as well. Participants received digital certificates after course completion and they went on social media and shared screenshot of their certificates.


NITPAA will be holding more similar trainings with APNIC and will allow any community member to participate.


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