Episode 1: The Digital Divide

Episode 1: The Digital Divide

On Septmber 8, 2012 we had our first IT meeting on skype, the first podcasting for IT Tech talk in Afghanistan. We started off with the Digital Divide as our topic and talked about the ICT (Information & Communication Technology) usage and advancements in Afghanistan, factors of digital divide and how we can possibly reduce this divide. We also talked about the factors that could possibly enlarge this divide and also minimize it. We talked about the efforts being made by the government of Afghanistan especially Ministry of Communications. At the end of our session we mentioned a few cheaper computers that are available in the market for developing nations and the “one laptop per child” program by the UN.

The voice quality is not so good, so we apologize for that and we promise we will improve that during our next sessions. Please do share your thoughts in the comments.

Participants are Said Zazai and Javid Hamdard.