AfgNOG The First big gathering for Network Operators In Afghanistan

AfgNOG The First big gathering for Network Operators In Afghanistan

AfgNOG The First big gathering for Network Operators In Afghanistan


A brief Introduction to NITPAA:

National IT Professionals Association of Afghanistan (NITPAA) is an advocate of IT infrastructure development, innovative expansion and capacity development through strategic use of technology. Since 2015, NITPAA has been organizing training courses and online webinars to IT Professionals, Government employees, students, Journalists and civil society activists to train them in the IT sector and build capacities by knowledge sharing and public awareness. NITPAA has also organized the first Afghanistan School on Internet governance (AfSIG) in between 26-27 April 2017 that was a two days long event where 38 participants from different backgrounds and stakeholder groups were educated on Internet Governance. The event was endorsed by many national and international organizations including MCIT, ATRA, ICANN, APNIC, APSIG, and APTLD

Highlight of AfSIG 2017:

AfSIG Wiki Page:

As a non-profit, membership-driven organization, it relies on volunteer collaboration of its members. Membership is available to all individuals in Afghanistan and Afghans working and studying abroad.

AfgNOG Description & Structure

Internet network Operators Groups are informal groups that are mostly connected with each other through the mailing lists or annual forums and meetings. Till date, 70 NOGs are actively operating all over the world.
Being organized by NITPAA, the Afghanistan Network Operators Group (AfgNOG) is a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to come up and set on one table to discuss and share the major barriers and problems that we are facing in the country and propose solutions for them. This could be The Internet Infrastructure, Internet Prices, Operations, capacity buildings and more.

Target Audience?

(since Networking professionals are already mentioned in the Note)typically the NOG members are influential members of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a broad range of ICT Industry leaders and technical experts, Internet Exchange Point (IXP), Regional Internet Registry (RIR), operational security community, Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) operations, Domain Name System (DNS) and root zone operations, Government, Regulators, Telecommunication companies and ICT vendors, and other network operations communities. Discussions within these groups are often influential in the overall process of ensuring the Internet remains operational, robust, secure, and stable.
Note! NITPAA also invites Networking professionals and other members of the research and technical communities who are willing to present their research, exchange best practices or discuses new technologies or protocols.

Why Attend?

The NOG addresses the current and future need of operators in the ICT industry.

  • It is to create a networking hub in between Network Operators, Businesses and Other Local and International key Network players. It is a best platform to raise your voice, point out towards an issue and give a proper solution to it.
  • It is a platform to provide more opportunities both for individuals and businesses.
  • You can advertise your business to the local and International market.

The first Stakeholders Meeting:

As this is the very first NOG being organized in the country so NITPAA has decided to arrange a pre-event meeting with all stakeholders to have their advice and suggestions regarding the event, their membership in the NOG and Sponsorships Opportunities. The first meeting is to be held on 4 October 2017 at 2:00 pm in Karwan University and we would be seeing forward to have at least one representative from your respective organization.

Agenda: 2:00 – 3:00 pm 10th October 2017

  • Welcome and Introduction to NITPAA (NITPAA Team | 5 Minutes)
  • Introduction to NOG and its outcomes (NITPAA Team | 10 Minutes)
  • Membership, and Sponsorship Opportunities (NITPAA Team | 5 Minutes)
  • Stakeholders participation and expectations (Stakeholders delegations | 3 Minutes Each)


If you are Interested to join the first NOG ever in Afghanistan please do not hesitate to send us your interest letter in the following email or contact us via following telephone numbers.
Email: ;
Phone: Waleed Khaliqi: +93780560270
Shamsullah Shams: +93700354710
Abdul Khalil Azizi: +93785412303

Ahmad Waleed Khaliqi

Mr. Khaliqi is expecting his bachelor's degree in Computer Science in mid-2017 from a leading private university in Kabul. He is certified in MCITP and has academic qualifications in CCNA, CCNP and CCIP. He has Diploma in Information Technology (DIT), Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) and Diploma in Accounting (DIA). While doing his degree courses, He is also a full time employee of Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture as an IT officer and has several years of professional experience with his current employer Bakhtar News Agency as senior IT officer and web Administrator. He writes articles for media and has great skills in online/offline journalism and blogging. Mr. Ahmad Waleed represented NITPAA and Afghanistan at India School of Internet Governance and ICANN 57 in Oct-Nov 2016 in India. Mr. Ahmad Waleed joined NITPAA back in 2015 as a regular member but, in a short period of time he was able to make it to NITPAA executive board. His passion for ICT, and commitment, dedication and immense achievements in executive board were visible to all and soon he was appointed as chair of NITPAA Public Awareness Committee by NITPAA leadership. In an early election by NITPAA main and executive boards’ members Mr. Khaliqi was elected as president of NITPAA for the year 2017.