Afghanistan Research and Educational Network (AfgREN) Infrastructure

Afghanistan Research and Educational Network (AfgREN) Infrastructure

Afghanistan Research and Educational Network (AfgREN) Infrastructure
Assistant Prof. Mohammad Tariq Meeran
Information Technology Department
Computer Science Faculty, Kabul University

AfgREN is a national research and educational network (NREN) for the Afghanistan’s academic community which was initially and unofficially formed in 2006. AfgREN focuses on supporting and providing high speed network backbone to universities, higher education institutions, teaching hospitals, libraries and research centers at national level. This will allow the academia to have access to the Internet, online resources, digital libraries, international research communities, e-communication, distance learning, e-learning, tele/video conferencing and knowledge sharing. AfgREN will also represent all higher education institutions to donor agencies, ISPs and other organizations. AfgREN will also include a Computer Emergency Response Team (AfgREN-CERT) to have coordinated response for the security threats. As a result all these services provisioning and support lead to a sustainable infrastructure for facilitating quality research and development efforts. In order to achieve these goals a very strong network infrastructure with a long-term technical and financial support is required. AfgREN’s goal is to plan, implement, operate, maintain and support such an infrastructure. Currently most of the major educational institutions are connected via Fiber Optic or Satellite links to the Internet in an unorganized manner from the perspective of an NREN, while the NRENs should be built in such a way that the educational institutions are connected with national high speed dedicated point to point links to each other and then from one central point to the Internet or international links. This paper discusses the current infrastructure, the proposed physical and logical infrastructure, proposed bandwidth, monitoring, security, management, sustainability and milestones.

Download PDF: AfgREN Infrastructure v4