Mentor Program

The mentor program is based on knowledge and experiential learning. The program matches students with experienced technology experts and business leaders. The goal is to help the student complement their academic work by developing, learning, and networking through the relationship with their mentor. The aim of the program is not just to help the students and junior professionals find a job, but to gain valuable insights into specific streams of Information Technology.

NITPAA board of directors and Professional Affiliates can be mentors. Mentors provide advice and assistance in three main areas:

  •     academic goals
  •     career exploration
  •     personal development

Being a mentor is an important way you can contribute to NITPAA’s work in developing future technology experts.

How to Become a Mentor
If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please complete register on our website and send us an email via contact us page. Students and mentors are matched using a standard set of criteria.