A translate-a-thon event for Google Translate Pashto

A translate-a-thon event for Google Translate Pashto

On Feb 17, 2016 Google Translate team announced the addition of 13 more language into Google Translate platform. One of these 13 languages included Pashto. Google Translate is a crowd-sourced based platform where everyone with a Google account can add translations and validate the existing ones. By the addition of Pashto into the Google Translate platform, one can easily translate sentences, paragraphs or webpages from English or other languages into Pashto and vice versa.

While the community was excited and were congratulating eachother on social media, some however found the translations buggy and inaccurate. The reason for not very accurate translations exist in other languages as well and that is primarily because of the backend engine of the Google translate platform, which is based on statistical data for the languages and the rules are not based on the grammar of the language. However, this method is the best machine translation available that can used across different platforms including mobile phones.

NITPAA members have previously been active in Google translate however the need for a community based approach was seen by a group of members to handle large transactions at in one sitting. This approach was planned and implemented within one week. 12 individuals from the community sat for three hours where they exchanged tips and practices, and also contributed to the Google Translate Pashto database. Over 2000 contributions were made during two of the three hours. During the first hour of the event, Zabeeh Khan also presented the need for Pashto language contributions in other platforms such as KDE, GNOME, Launchpad etc. His presentation can be found here.

Participants were:

1. Zabeeh Khan
2. Nisar Ahmad Islammal
3. Khaksar Weqar
4. Said Zazai
5. Zahid Ahmad Safi
6. Hamid Khan Shinwari
7. Abdul Hadi
8. Abdul Jabar
9. Abdul Hakeem
10. Mahmud Helali
11. Nasrat Khalid
12. Karim Naeemi


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