Executive Management Members

Abdul Saboor Mobariz

Executive Management Member

Saboor is an Afghan Fulbright alumnus, completed his master’s degree in Computing and Information Security at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), NY, USA. He has done his undergraduate in computer applications at Goa University, India. Saboor has worked on some of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) key projects in Afghanistan, namely Paywast-Mobile Social Networking, HOSA - Mobile Service Delivery, Azmon Educational Mobile App, for seven plus years. Saboor has the experience of speaking at many professional conferences, namely 2012 TEDxKabul, 2012 UNDP Social Summit for Good, 2013 mBillionth Award Ceremony in India, and Toastmasters. He has been one of the first recipients of the IT Champion award from DEWAE, an initiative by the Afghan Ministry of Communication and IT (MCIT).

Shamsullah Shams

Executive Management Member

With a Bachelor Degree in computer Application from Bangalore University, India Mr. Shamsullah Shams is an Executive Management Member of NITPAA. Mr. Shams has more than 5 years of working experience in IT infrastructure, Management and Design with National and International Organizations and is MCSE and CCNA Certified. Mr Shamsullah Shams was delivering MS office and other school level application programs to high level school students voluntarily while he was working in Qalat City of Zabul Province. He is as enthusiastic IT guy with a keen interest in IT security, virtualization, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT).

Mohibullah Utmankhil

Executive Management Member

Mr. Mohibullah Utmankhil has a bachelor's degree in Information Technology from University of Kabul and has more than five years of professional experience in this field. Mr. Utmankhil is a professional academic young leader who has been teaching Information Technology subjects in Information Technology Center of Kabul University (ITCK), Kabul Polytechnic Community College, Azerakhsh Computer Institute and Afghan Information Technology Institute (AITI) for several years. Beside his academic career, Mr. Mohibullah has great achievements working as IT officer at Cross Logistics Services Company and senior IT administrator at ITCK.

Abdul Khalil Azizi

Executive Management Member

Having a Master’s Degree in (Master of Technology in Information Technology) and 8+ years of professional experience in IT field, Mr. A. Khalil Azizi has been serving the country on different management and executive positions. He also has been one of the prominent lecturer and trainer in dominant Government, Public & Private universities & intuitions which includes Kabul University, AUAF, & Karwan University. He is an ICT professional specialized in Networks, communication, Information Security, Web Technologies, telecom sector, Project management, planning & implementation. Mr. Azizi also owns the fellowship with APNIC and was the participant to APNIC42 where he has represented Afghanistan and has brought back many good opportunities to the community. He has also been speaker to events and delivers seminars to the topics related to ICT. Serving the country through his academic career since 2014, he has now a good experience and understanding of higher education system in the country and has explored his academic capabilities and have gained the experience with international staffs and institutions. Prior to that, he has worked as General SADI Manager in PMO at Salaam, Afghan Telecom Co. Ministry of Comm. & IT Kabul Afghanistan. He also has been technical advisor and supervisor to "Girls can Code" project for Womenity Foundation at schools. Beside the aforementioned achievements and experience, Mr. Azizi has many other achievements and accomplishments which makes him a prominent member of NITPAA and he has been actively involved with NITPAA which qualified him as a candidate to the interim presidency election of NITPAA in 2016. He is a professional team player with dedication.

Nooria Ahmadi

Executive Management Member

Nooria Ahmadi is a Software Developer. She has her bachelor’s degree from Computer Science Faculty of Kabul University and currently working as a Software Developer at Netlinks (A Software Company in Afghanistan). Nooria is passionate to learn new things and to share what she knows with others. She is very keen in furthering her career and wants all Afghan women to have the active role in development of their country as much as men. As her voluntary works, she has worked for TechWomen in TechNation, and she has been working as a volunteer with NITPAA from a couple of years as an active executive member and coordinating NITPAA team as a Web Manager and also works towards technology-involved girls’ improvement, encouraging them and support them.

Sadaf Waziry

Executive Management Member

Having a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Kabul University, Ms. Sadaf Waziry is an active Afghan Technologist. With the keen for being, a professional person and her interest to the development of technology in the Country persuade her to start volunteer activities. She started her activities with NITPAA as an Executive Management Member, and was actively involved in many private and public sectors including IT center of Kabul University and TechWomen Afghanistan. Ms. Sadaf Waziry has more than 3 Years of working experience as an application and software developer in different companies, and is currently working as a Software Developer in Netlinks Ltd.