Board Members

A team of 30 main and executive boards members lead by an elected president governs NITPAA. On October 30, 2016 Ahmad Waleed Khaliqi was elected as the president of the association until the end of 2017, taking the responsibility from Mahmood Hellali.

Ahmad Waleed Khaliqi

Board Member / President

Mr. Khaliqi is expecting his bachelor's degree in Computer Science in mid-2017 from a leading private university in Kabul. He is certified in MCITP and has academic qualifications in CCNA, CCNP and CCIP. He has Diploma in Information Technology (DIT), Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) and Diploma in Accounting (DIA). While doing his degree courses, He is also a full time employee of Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture as an IT officer and has several years of professional experience with his current employer Bakhtar News Agency as senior IT officer and web Administrator. He writes articles for media and has great skills in online/offline journalism and blogging. Mr. Ahmad Waleed represented NITPAA and Afghanistan at India School of Internet Governance and ICANN 57 in Oct-Nov 2016 in India. Mr. Ahmad Waleed joined NITPAA back in 2015 as a regular member but, in a short period of time he was able to make it to NITPAA executive board. His passion for ICT, and commitment, dedication and immense achievements in executive board were visible to all and soon he was appointed as chair of NITPAA Public Awareness Committee by NITPAA leadership. In an early election by NITPAA main and executive boards’ members Mr. Khaliqi was elected as president of NITPAA for the year 2017.

Said Zazai

Board Member

Said Marjan Zazai is an IT Technologist who has been active in the field professionally and academically for over 13 years. He was the co-founding president of NITPAA (Mar 2015 – Dec 2015). He has completed a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Business (MBA), specializing in Management of Information systems. Said is also specialized in Computer Server Infrastructure. He has worked both inside Afghanistan, and outside, including in Canada and the United Arab Emirates. Said has worked in various industries, including retail, IT Service Provider, Government, Oil and Gas, and Financial. He also has concentrated specialization in software localization in Afghan languages.

Qudratullah Hiwadpal

Board Member

Mr. Qudratullah Hiwadpal is Management and Technology consultant, writer and civil society activist, his professional interests include change and technology management, services delivery, project management, public policies, communications, knowledge management, renewable energy and internet governance. Mr. Hiwadpal is an avid blogger, he writes about technology, its use in public service delivery, and consider universal access to affordable internet an important pillar for inclusive social and economic development. He has authored three and translated two books on Technology and Management, and currently led an Afghan strategic management consulting firm. He is also a board and non-board member of numerous volunteer associations.

Nasrat Khalid

Board Member

With more than nine years of international experience Mr. Nasrat khalid is an ICT innovation activist currently working with one of the leading development donors in Afghanistan under South Asia region. Mr. Nasrat's work focuses on the economic and social impacts of technologies and development of ideas on how technology could be used in fragile and development states such as Afghanistan. Mr. Nasrat khalid has been extremely active in the community and believe in building the skill set of our professionals. Over the past few year, he has demonstrated by organizing local workshops and training's, and as well as organize training opportunities over the Internet using the expertise of international speakers.

Tariq Meeran

Board Member

Mr. Mohammad Tariq Meeran is having 14 years of academic and professional experience in the field of IT at the public and private institutions. He has completed his B.Sc. degree in Computer Science at Kabul University, M.Sc. degree in Computer Science at the University of Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa and currently he is pursuing his PhD studies in Information Society Technologies at Tallinn University, Estonia. At present, he is working as an Assistant Professor at the Information Technology Department, Computer Science Faculty of Kabul University. He is also certified Cisco instructor and main contact for the Cisco Networking Academy Program for Afghanistan. His previous jobs have been as an IT Advisor for the IT Directorate of Ministry of Higher Education, Chief Technology Officer for a private bank, IT Manager at Kabul University, representative of Afghanistan in the NATO Silk Virtual Highway, Science for Peace Program in 2006 and as an IT Assistant in International Organization for Migration (IOM). He has played the key role in the establishment of the Afghanistan Research and Educational Network (AfgREN) under the Silk Virtual Highway project and laying the foundation for the Kabul University Campus Fiber Optic Network. Besides teaching at Kabul University he is also working as a visiting lecturer at private universities. He is actively involved in research activities and his research papers have been published in IEEE and Kabul University academic journals.

Javid Hamdard

Board Member

With more than 14 years of professional experience, Mr. Javid Hamdard is a well recognized figure among the Afghan ICT community, during his various endeavors, Mr. Hamdard has worked with several national and international organizations at senior technical and advisory capacities including IT Adviser to the Office of the Afghan President (Karzai), Afghan Ministry of Finance, United Nations (UNDP), USAID, Adam Smith Institute, Internews, Swedish Committee and more. Mr. Hamdard is the co-founder former President of Afghanistan IT Companies Association (AITCA), honorary member and co-founder of the National ISP Association of Afghanistan (NISPAA), member and co-founder of iHub Afghanistan, Board member and co-founder of the National ICT Professionals Association of Afghanistan (NITPAA), co-founder and board member of Afghanistan Professionals Network (APN’s, Kabul chapter) and a member and contributor of the Internet Society (ISOC). In addition to other industry certifications and awards, Mr. Hamdard has also been awarded the national “ICT Champion” award by the Afghan ministry of Communications and IT (MCIT) for his outstanding contributions to the Afghan ICT sector. Mr. Hamdard is a candidate for two MBA degrees from universities of Westminster and Cumbria in UK. He is currently working as the executive Director of Business Development and Innovation at a leading private IT firm in Kabul.

Ibrahim Shahristani

Board Member

Mr. Ibrahim Shahristani is working as Chief of Information Officer (CIO) at Ministry of Commerce and Industries. He has master degree of Computer Science from TU-Berlin University. He has 7 years of professional experience in ICT sector. His specialties are in the area of Database System development, ICT project management and E-governance. Since 2010, he is teaching Database System subject at Computer Science Faculty of Kabul Education University. Meanwhile, he is board member of research committee at university and he has published many ICT articles in local and international journals.

Mahmood Hellali

Board Member

Mahmood Hellali was born in 1990 Mahmood Hellali is from Farah province and currently lives in Kabul. He graduated from high secondary school in Kabul and have bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications from university of Calicut, India – 2010 to 2013. Mahmood has worked in various private ICT national and international companies. Besides his full time job, He has been involved in various civic and volunteer communities and associations. Mahmood co-founded CodeWeekend community back in July 2014 and worked as Community Relationship Manager of the community for a period of one year. Mr. Hellali was elected as president of NITPAA for the year 2016 by majority of board members’ votes and after serving as president of NITPAA for a period of ten months resigned from presidency of NITPAA For some personal issues.